115. Volunteers in Mission – Guatemala – Morning Star UMC


Volunteers in Mission is a grass roots mission movement where churches send volunteers to the mission field for a week or two of service.  Morning Star United Methodist Church in O’Fallon, Missouri has been sending volunteers in mission teams to Guatemala.  MissionCast was at Morning Star and interviewed a few of their recent volunteers during the break between their two worship services on Sunday morning. 

For information about how to get a Volunteers in Mission program going in your church contact Audrey Phelps, at the Office of Creative Ministries.  (phelps@umocm.com or 573-474-7155)

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Here is a letter that Emilee (pictured) wrote to her teacher upon return from the mission trip that she talks about in the MissionCast.

Dear Mr. Bearden,
The two best things I did over spring break was realizing how much God can do through one person, because when I was in Guatemala at the feeding center the founder of the feeding center (Sarita) had pretty much changed all the kids there. When the center started none of the kids would even make eye-contact with you, much less play with you. The other way I realized how much God can do was that God is helping Sarita keep all of the kids at the school and center alive through Sarita, the teachers, and the cooks. My other favorite part of spring break was getting to do Vacation Bible School at all of the feeding centers and that was one of the best parts of spring break because I love to see kids have fun. We did a Bible point and when someone said the point all of the kids had to yell “VIVA!” It was just really cool to see them smiling and having fun learning about God and Jesus! I hope you had a great spring break!
Emilee Long

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