214. MissionCast – SERVE 2011 – September 10 & 11

For all of the information about SERVE 2011 go to http://www.serve2011.org


On September 10 & 11, which is National Service Weekend, Missouri Conference congregations will be out in their community providing all kinds of service.  Some will be painting a public school classroom, some will be fixing and painting park equipment, some will be cleaning up a section of their town, some will be preparing and serving a meal at their local fire department, some will be visiting members of their community in the nursing home, some will be helping to build a Habitat for Humanity house…the possibilities for community service in the name of Jesus Christ and the United Methodist Church are limitless.  Church members will be inviting members of their community to join in with them when they are looking for service possibilities themselves on this National Service Weekend.  The actual National Day of Service and Remembrance is on Saturday, which is 9/11.

SERVE 2011 is sponsored by the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church through your Office of Creative Ministries. 

Register your congregation for service at www.serve2011.org.  There you will find all kinds of information including a list of 60 suggestions for ways to service your community.

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