40. Mozambique: Unsettling In A Good Way – Catherine Pearson

Catherine Pearson

Catherine Pearson, a graduate student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, spent the summer in Mozambique working with Habitat for Humanity and the Office of Creative Ministries VIM program.  She is a member of Missouri United Methodist Church, in Columbia, and accompanied their VIM team on the way to Mozambique.  She then stayed to assist other teams and help in the process of selecting potential home owners.  In this MissionCast she shares her thoughts and experiences. 

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13. Mozambique Cyclone – Missouri Response

Aeroporto UMCCarol Kreamer and Tony Bevins (pastor at Carl Junction) just got back from Mozambique where they saw first-hand the destruction brought on by the recent cyclone.  Through interviews with church leaders in Mozambique, conducted by Carol and videoed and translated by Ezy, this MissionCast tells the story of pain and loss as well as gratitude for the help sent by the Missouri Conference.  A special offering will be received during the Annual Conference memorial service for the disaster response and recovery..  You may receive a special offering in your local church and bring a check made out to the Missouri Conference for this offering.  This MissionCast has been posted a few days early for those who would like to use it during a Sunday morning service.  If you will be projecting MissionCast be sure and use the high resolution edition. 

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11. Bishop Schnase – Mozambique Initiative

Bishop SchnaseIn episode 11 of MissionCast Bishop Schnase shares his thoughts about his trip to Mozambique and the value of the Mozambique Initiative to both the congregations in Mozambique and the congregations of the Missouri Conference.  For more information about the Mozambique Initiative and for information about supporting a congregation, pastor or seminary student in Mozambique go to http://www.moumethodist.org/ and then click on “Ministries” and ” Mozambique Initiative” or send an email to Carol Kreamer at cpkreamer@hughes.net.

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