107. Missioncast – A Technicolor Promise – Manchester UMC

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Children's Choir

Under the direction of Lori Borger, the Manchester United Methodist Church Music Makers Childrens Choir, presented “A Technicolor Promise”, by Allen Pote.  On Sunday morning the channel was transformed into Noah’s Ark.  The musical was presented as a benefit for Heifer International.  The children set the goal of filling a Heifer International ark.  Carol Oliver, from the Office of Creative Ministries, who serves as the Missouri Representative for Heifer International, told the congregation about the amazing ministry carried out by Heifer staff and volunteers the world over.  Senior Pastor Carl Schenck was sure that the children’s goal of raising the $5,000 needed for an ark would be met and surpassed.  Sunday was a wonderful celebration of the Biblical Drama and of giving hope to hungery people around the world.  MissionCast was on hand to bring you this collage from the musical.

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55. How Kids Made A Difference – North Cross UMC – 2nd Place Contest Winner

KidWanda Jackson, produced this video, which took second place in the MissionCast video contest. The video is humorous and very well done. The kids at North Cross UMC, in North Kansas City, really wanted to make a difference and they did. To see how click on the picture at the left or one of the links below.

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