325. Imagine No Malaria – Jill Wondel


In this MissionCast, Jill Wondel, one of the Missouri Conference Imagine No Malaria Coordinators, shares the one-two-three steps for congregations to take to get their 2013-14 Imagine No Malaria ministries off the ground. For more information go to the Missouri Conference Imagine No Malaria website: www.ImagineNoMalariaMO.org You may also contact Jill with questions at jill@imaginenomalariamo.org or 314-974-0038. If you have a creative event planned contact Max Marble about sharing your event idea with other congregations through a MissionCast: MarbleLCMC@gmail.com

If you have a video you would like to share with MissionCast, email Max Marble at maxrmarble@gmail.com

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106. Missouri Teams Distribute Nets in Mozambique

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Net Distribution

Congregations of the Missouri Conference have contributed over $190,000 for Nothing But Nets in Mozambique.  In this MissionCast Carol Kreamer, Director of the Mozmabique Initiative, and Tom Mitchell, Chairperson of the Mozambique Initiative, tell about the net distributions in Mozambique by Missouri VIM teams and urge Missouri congregations to continue to contribute generously to Nothing But Nets.  Contributions may be sent to the Missouri Conference Treasurer’s Office.  (3601 Amron Court, Columbia, MO 65202)

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64. General Conference – Katherine Commale – Nothing But Nets

General ConferenceMissionCast taped this episode at General Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. Bishop Hopkins interviewed 7-year-old, Katherine Commale on the floor of the conference. At the 2007 Missouri Annual Conference, the Office of Creative Ministries got the Nothing But Nets campaign going in Missouri, by showing a Nothing But Nets video in which six-year-old Katherine was interviewed for raising $10,000 for the cause. This MissionCast starts with that interview and then moves to General Conference where Katherine, one year later, has raised substantially more. The Missouri Conference has raised over $130,000 for Nothing But Nets to date. Contributions toward this program seeking to eradicate malaria may be made through your local church and sent to the Missouri Conference Treasurer’s Office.

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20. Nothing But Nets – Alexis Miller

Alexis MillerAlexis Miller, Summer Mission Intern at the Office of Creative Ministries, shares information about the Nothing But Nets Campaign that the United Methodist Church and several other organizations are sponsoring. She also share information about how churches and individual can contribute to this campaign and purchase mosquito nets.  Every ten dollars not only buys a mosquito net but saves one or more lives.

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