355. MissionCast – Noisy Offering for Imagine No Malaria – Centralia UMC

HaitiChurches across Missouri are raising money for Imagine No Malaria. Centralia United Methodist Church is doing it the noisy way…at least for part of their pledge to raise $5,000. Actually it is five year old Gracie Banta who has been collecting this noisy offering by herself every Sunday since September. When your MissionCast crew had the joy of worshiping at Centralia a few Sunday’s ago Gracie had a lot of help. It was the 21st Sunday since she started and by that time she had received $882.56 which is 2/3 of what has been raised in the congregation so far. Our hats are off to Gracie, her friends and her generous congregation as they head to their goal of raising $5,000 to save lives in Africa

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