81. Festival of Sharing – State Fairgrounds – Saturday, October 18

Festival of Sharing, Oct 18Sharing from our God given bounty with those in need is what the Festival of Sharing is all about.  For 27 years the Festival of Sharing has been the largest interfaith gathering in Missouri.  Close to a thousand youth and around two thousand adults travel to the State Fairgrounds, in Sedalia, Missouri to bring hope to the hungry and those in crisis.  Churches from 22 different denominations put together kits and send them to Sedalia each year.  Regional gatherings and drop-off sites involve several thousand more volunteers.  MissionCast this week is a promotional video for the 2008 Festival of Sharing to be held on Saturday, October 18.  Dates and locations for the regional gatherings and drop-off sites may be found on the Office of Creative Ministries website.  Go to http://www.umocm.com and click on Festival of Sharing.  Or just click here.

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