105. United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) – One Great Hour of Sharing

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On Sunday, March 22nd, United Methodist congregations across the country will receive the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering which supports the work of the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Missouri has suffered more natural disasters in the past three years than any other state.  Your Missouri United Methodist Disaster Response Team, headed by Karen Benson, our conference disaster response coordinator, and Jeff Baker, on the Office of Creative Ministries staff, has been hard at work. Our conference efforts have been consistently supported by U.M.C.O.R. or UMCOR as it is often called.  UMCOR is likely the best known acronym in the United Methodist Church.  Next to Wesley it may be the best known specifically “United Methodist” word.  It stands for United Methodist Committee on Relief. Every time a major disaster strikes Missouri, UMCOR issues, upon request of our bishop, a $10,000 emergency grant to help begin our recovery process.  When additional funds are needed UMCOR is there to supply our needs.  After hurricanes Katrina and Rita when thousands of survivors took up residence in Missouri, Bishop Schnase requested half a million dollars and it was received expeditiously.  At other times in recent years we have requested grants of $50,000 to aid relief efforts in Missouri like after the tornado that swept through Caruthersville.  UMCOR has never refused Missouri money in our times of need.One Great Hour of Sharing gives us an opportunity to insure that UMCOR is there to help Missouri and other areas of the United States and the world.  UMCOR, unlike most of our general church agencies, receives no support from apportionments.  UMCOR relies totally on the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering for its support.  Give the members of your congregation the opportunity to reach out through UMCOR by receiving the One Great Hour of Sharing offering on March 22nd.

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