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Now in its 65th year, Heifer International has used livestock and training to help millions of families lift themselves out of poverty and then watched them Pass On the Gift of their new skills and offspring of their animals to other needy families, transforming entire communities.


This April, Heifer is inviting everyone, churches, schools and individuals to take part in a truly global event honoring those millions of examples of success.


During the month of April, over 200 Pass On the Gift ceremonies will be celebrated in towns and villages around the world – from Nepal to Uganda to Poland to Ecuador.  Heifer families will pass on dairy cows, dairy goats, alpacas, and water buffalo as well as worms, trees and bees and other animals to help new families start on the road to self-reliance.


So we invite you to join in the celebration by hosting an educational and fund raising event at your church or in your home or at a nearby coffee shop with neighbors, family and friends.  Heifer has provided lots of resources to make it easy!  A booklet filled with ideas also contains a CD with multiple clips that tell the story about Heifer’s work.  All resources are free.  Heifer’s website at www.heifer.org   is another rich source of material with games, free downloads and even an option for posting your event on a map.


So please join us in this celebration by passing on your gifts and sharing with others.  With your contributions, Heifer will be able to provide hope and a new way of life to the millions of families who still struggle on a daily basis.  Please join us in this effort to expand the network of hope, dignity and self-reliance around the world.


For more information or to learn more about Heifer’s free resources, contact Carol Oliver at 573-881-6330 or by e-mail at oliver@umocm.com . 

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