2. Audrey Phelps – Young Adult Ecuador VIM Team

Audrey Phelps, on staff of the Office of Creative Ministries, will lead a Volunteers in Mission team to Ecuador, September 4-12, 2007.  The team will be made up of young adult leaders who would like to lead a Volunteers in Mission team back to Ecuador or to some other country.  Scholarships of $750 or half the cost of the mission will be available for those who agree to lead a team within an 18 month period.  In this first MissionCast Audrey shares some information about what to expect.  To sign up for the team contact Audrey at phelps@umocm.com.  Audrey serves as our Missouri Conference Volunteers in Mission Coordinator for National and International VIM projects and teams.  Please let young adults, ages 25 to 35, in your congregation know about this rare opportunity.

Click below to view MissionCast at the highest resolution that your internet connection will support.  Your comments and suggestions are valued.  Just click on comments below.

For DSL or Cable:  High resolution video (17.5MB) or  Med resolution video (5.4MB)       

For Dial-up Connections:  Low resolution video (1.1MB, 5-10 mins)                    

For Mac users:  Quick Time video (10.5MB)

For full resolution (3,838 MB) you may order a DVD quality video by sending $3 to the Office of Creative Ministries, 3009 David Drive, Columbia, MO  65202.  The $3 includes DVD production and shipping.

Sadly, video viewing on the internet while becoming very popular, pretty much requires a high speed internet connection.  At home I only have a dial-up connection and it maybe that dial-up is all you have as well.  If you are willing to wait 5-10 mins for the download you can still view the low resolution version of MissionCast.
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