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University United Methodist Church in St. Louis has started an innovative way to alleviate poverty one person at a time.   Through an organization called Kiva they make micro credit loans to people through out the world to get them started in small business ventures.  The emphasis is on small, widespread participation in grass-roots real-time lending to people with names and faces.


Your MissionCast crew attended a recent meeting of the U-City Micro Credit Loan Club.  Meetings are held at the U-City public library to encourage participation by members of the University City community who are not members of the church.  The coordinators of this new ministry are Tom Mitchell and Rich Wymore, who members of University United Methodist Church.


The club's activities are a designated fund of University City UMC and

can be viewed on the church's webpage www.universityumc.com/ucitymicrocreditclub


If you or a group from your church or community would like to get in
on the action, go to www.kiva.org for general information. For specifics on the club's activities, see
http://www.kiva.org/team/ucity_microcredit_club_team or contact Tom Mitchell at ucitymicrocreditclub.tom@gmail.com

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