161. MissionCast – The Mozambique-Missouri Bridge

Mozambique Initiative

There is an important bridge that connects the congregations of the United Methodist churches in Missouri with the congregations of the United Methodist churches in Mozambique.   I doubt that there is a more active United Methodist bridge between continents anywhere in the world than this one that we in Missouri have built and support with our covenants and donations.  The bridge is traveled many times a week as Carol Kreamer, our Mozambique Coordinator, in Pacific, Missouri turns on her computer to talk to Ezekiel Nhantumbo, our Mozambique Initiative Representative, in Maputo, Mozambique.  Listen in on what happens through this MissionCast and then find a way for the church group you are a member of (choir, Sunday School Class, youth group, etc.) and your whole congregation to keep this bridge strong and active. 


Send your donations to the Missouri Conference Office clearly labeling them as “Conference Advance Special, Mozambique Coordinator” or contact Carol Kreamer for information about entering a covenant relationship with either Ezekiel or Carol or both.  Phone: 636-271-4455 or Email: cpkreamer@hughes.net

For more information go to the Mozambique Initiative website www.moumethodist.org/mi or the support pages where you can actually make a commitment online – www.moumethodist.org/mi/missionary and www.moumethodist.org/mi/support.

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