172. MissionCast – Block Pary for Mozambique – Ozark UMC

Ludhiana ChaplainsThe Ozark United Methodist Church is sending a Volunteers in Mission team to Mozambique to build a church.  They are raising money for the building materials in a variety of ways.  This MissionCast tells about the Block Party they held to raise some of the money.  It is not the kind of block party that comes to mind when you hear the term.  Actually the church is located on a large expanse of land all by itself rather than in a neighborhood surrounded by blocks of houses.

During their worship service they showed a video telling about their plans to build the church in Mozambique through the efforts of their Volunteers in Mission trip.  They did  a great job on the video and they have made it available for us to see.  To download or view their video click here.

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