296. The Best of MissionCast — PET Production in Aurora

Pet ProductionPET stands for “personal energy transportation.” A PET is a three-wheel, hand-cranked wheelchair to give mobility to those who have lost the use of their legs. The first PETs were produced in Columbia, Missouri a little over 10 years ago. Today they are also produced in Aurora, Missouri and many other sites. This video shows the process of producing and packing PETs at the Aurora PET production site. Note that when the PETs are packed for shipping every available space is used to add things that the recipients can use. A tool kit for repairs is a must. The plastic milk jugs are used for carrying and storing water. A toy for children is added along with a good number of clothing items. There are 10 MissionCast archived and available on PETs. Just click on PET in the left hand column of this page to bring up all 10.

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