49. The Gift of Mobility – “PET” – Mel West

Boy CrawlingPET stands for personal energy transportation. A PET is a three-wheel hand cranked wheel chair for those who have lost the use of their legs. Every congregation in the Missouri Conference has been mailed a small model of what a pet looks like. With it comes the challenge for every congregation to grow the small model PET into the Gift of Mobility for someone who does not now have it. All it takes to do this is $250 which is what it costs to build and ship a PET. The offering for PETs will be received at the Annual Conference banquet in Springfield, Friday night, June 6th. For this MissionCast Mel West the founder of the PET program is interviewed. Mel tells about how PET came to be and what a difference it makes in the life of a person who is immobile.

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