326. What is MissionCast (From the Best of MissionCast, Episode 100)

Audrey Phelps
We posted this MissionCast back in January 2009 to let everyone know what MissionCast is all about. We are posting this “Best of MissionCast” once again because we find that many in our congregations still want to know more about MissionCast. So here is episode 100 which tells the story: This week we celebrate 100 consecutive episodes of MissionCast being posted to the Internet. Audrey Phelps, on the Office of Creative Ministries Staff shares the various ways to view MissionCast. It takes two to three minutes a week to learn about how the congregations of the Missouri United Methodist Churches are reaching out in mission. Since MissionCast is a podcast it may be downloaded to your computer, iPhone, Blackbury or other portable communications system automatically each Monday morning when a new episode is posted. Sit back and let Audrey tell you all about it for the next three minutes.

To View MissionCast click on the picture or on one of the links below.

By tonight we hope to have a higher resolution posted that was not avaiable when episode 100 was first posted. So come back tomorrow if you wish do download a higher resolution video for projection.

Low Resolution Video (For Dial-Up Connections)
Medium Resolution Video (For DSL or Cable)

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MissionCast is mission blog of the Missouri Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church produced by Max Marble.

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