74. The Advance Giving Program of the United Methodist Church

AdvanceThe full name for the United Methodist Advance program is “The Advance for Christ and His Church.” The program was created in 1952 as a way to allow Methodists and later, United Methodists, as well as other interested individuals to contribute to specific programs, missionaries, and ministries. Advance giving is often called “second-mile giving” because it goes beyond the “first mile” of contributing to apportionments and World Service Funds.

The Advance is an official United Methodist program that gives you the opportunity to give to the ministry of your choice. From here you can donate in any of the following ways: online, through your United Methodist church, by mail, or by phone.

To locate a missionary or project that you would like to support go to: http://new.gbgm-umc.org/advance/projects/search

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