117. Food for Body and Soul – Union Memorial UMC


If you have worshiped at Union Memorial United Methodist Church, in St. Louis, you know that their community is offered “passionate worship”  Currently the congregation is also offering “radical hospitality” to their community.  They have installed the lastest media equipment with screens in the sanctuary.  They are working on the church facilities to make them completely accessible and friendly.  And they are reaching out to the community in many ways including serving lunch four days a week and a huge breakfast on Sunday mornings.  That is where the garden comes in.  Like a few other churches in Missouri that have yards they are using them to grow food for the hungry.  The produce from the garden is used in their feeding program.  A second garden is planted for anyone from the community wanting fresh greens to come and pick as much as they want.  MissionCast brings this story of radical hospitality.

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