277. The Best of MissionCast

Your MissionCast crew is taking a short vacation this July. However, there are many previous MissionCasts to view from the past five years. You can search by topic. Just scroll down the left hand column until you find a topic of interest to you. Click on the topic and a number of MissionCasts will be presented. Currently there are 276 different MissionCast to select. Click on the picture for the MissionCast promotion that we did several years ago to introduce our congregations to the many uses of MissionCast.

So for a few weeks we hope you will enjoy some of the “Best of MissionCast.” Here are a few suggestions:

Bridge Bread — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=317 (March, 2012)

Circles of Transformation — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=301 (Feb, 2012)

Youth Mission Trips — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=296 (Jan, 2012)

Rebuilding Joplin — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=291 (Dec, 2011)

Making Apple Butter — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=290 (Nov, 2011)

30 MissionCast Promo — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=275 (Aug, 2011)

Signatures from Athletes — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=270 (Jul, 2011)

Ozzie Smith Bats for the Bridge — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=268 (Jul, 2011)

Baby Grace — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=261 (May, 2011)

Festival of Sharing Country Store — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=245 (Jan, 2011)

Pure Water for Haiti — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=237 (Dec 2010)

YouthFest – Festival of Sharing — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=230 (Oct 2010)

Youth Internship – Heifer International — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=230 (Oct 2010)

Della Lamb Kids — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=227 (Sep 2010)

School of Mission — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=210 (Aug 2010)

Kid Friendly Church — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=206 (Jul 2010)

Saturday Servants — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=196 (May 2010)

Religion & Race Conversations — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=195 (May 2010)

Prison Pen Pals — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=187 (Mar 2010)

Micro Loans — http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=179 (Jan 2010)

Ludhiana Christian Medical College – http://www.momissioncast.com/?p=169 (Nov 2009)

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